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Organically Growing Instagram Isn’t Suitable For Businesses In 2022.

Getting organic traction in 2022 to your business via Instagram is getting harder by the day. And most of us will not even bother to try. 

But the problem is that your competitor will take the extra steps to grow even if you aren’t taking the steps. 

Instagram and social media are and will be critical sources of customers and brand building for years to come. And we need to grow our audiences to be competitive. 

Imagine building an audience that wants to hear from your brand constantly. That power creates new opportunities only a few can leverage every day. 

Nowadays, the best way to grow an audience is through online advertising, targeting people who care about what we have to say. 

Organic Growth Is Expensive

When comparing growing organically and growing with ads, the resources spent on organic growth often produce fewer results than advertising strategies for Instagram growth for the same amount of resources spent. 

You can then use these saved resources for growing your true business goals while enjoying a greater Instagram follower performance.  

Don’t Bother With Fake Follower And Engagement Strategies

Social media isn’t a numbers game. It’s all about engagement, real people who take an interest, and profitable actions that benefit your goals. 

Engaging with strategies that use fake followers will hurt your brand more than you think. There are hidden and highly costly consequences to using such strategies, even if we get a higher number for cheap. 

Real people decide the faith of a business, and real people will follow a business catering to their needs. 

A dedicated audience is the best way to seek further growth online. 

Why Did We Create This Course? 

Again and again, we’ve seen our clients make mistakes in growing their Instagram, especially using strategies that will only hurt their brand in the long run. 

In our course, we greatly emphasize the power real Instagram followers can have on your business. And using Facebook Ads is the only legit method to “buy” real Instagram followers that you can leverage down the line to achieve your true business goals. 

We want to see every business get the chance to build an authentic audience to help them achieve their true goals and share their vision with that audience every day. 

Get Real Instagram Followers Now. 

If you have wondered how to get or buy real Instagram followers or why you’re not getting followers through existing Facebook Ads campaigns, you’ve come to the right place. 

Without the proper settings, and you want to get more followers, you might spend a relative fortune to gain only a few lucky followers.

Optimizing for followers is a Facebook Ads strategy only for those looking to grow their follower count on Instagram. 

And in this guide, we’re going to look at how to gain Instagram followers with Facebook ads from start to finish. 

This guide holds your hand and helps you deliver the goals you can use to grow your business, brand awareness, and influence.

You don’t have to be a Facebook Ads master at getting started with this method as everything you will need, we have detailed closely. 

Get Your Instagram Growth Guide Now!

By getting our course, you will: 

  • Learn the method from start to finish to grow your Instagram with real followers from day one.
  • Learn how to scale your Instagram follower campaigns.
  • Learn the critical metrics and analytics to manage and analyze your campaigns for optimal growth. 
  • Avoid common mistakes concerning Instagram growth.
  • Discover more benefits of real followers. 
  • Learn about Facebook ads
    • Discover new ideas and strategies to use for other campaign objectives
    • Learn about Facebook Ads audiences
    • Optimal campaign management 
    • Learn a new testing methodology 
  • Learn how to create ads that make people follow you
  • Learn how to retain your new followers
  • And much more in a detailed fashion. 

Get Your Instagram Growth Guide Now!

How To Get Real Instagram Followers With Ads - The Course

You will get two versions of the course: a dark mode version and a regular version for your reading pleasure. 

You will also get a data management spreadsheet to help you start your optimization journey. 

We will update the course as new data about the method comes to light. You will always have the most up-to-date information. 

Get this course now and start growing your Instagram followers with the best method available and build an audience and community. An audience you can leverage for further business growth and achieve your digital marketing goals with real people. 

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Real People, Real Engagement, And Real Growth Now

Start building your targeted dream audience today and experience a new level of growth that you can leverage. 

Our guide will get you closer to achieving your true business goals. 


Stefan Risquet, The lead facebook ads specialist at

And lastly, have a great first day on your growth journey. 

Get Your Instagram Growth Guide Now!

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You'll get two versions of the course and a data management spreadsheet example.


How to Get Real Instagram Followers with Facebook Ads - Course

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